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Thursday 10 Jan 2013, 7:30pm

Sunset Song Circle at Jubilee Lake

Daylesford Soul Choir
Miriam Lieberman
Nasrine and Diego


Friday 11 Jan 2013, 8:00pm

Showcase Concert at Daylesford Town Hall

Miriam Lieberman
Shawn Whelan Natalie Sims & friends
Nasrine+Diego Corro Group
Joseph and Nino+Georgian Singers
Stella and Dani Duo
Grace Barbe


Saturday 11 Jan 2013, 4pm

Choirs Concert at Daylesford Town Hall

Red Tent Singers
Box Hill Arts Centre Choir & Friends
Two Bays Choir
Brunswick Womens Choir
Mixed Drinks


Saturday 11 Jan 2013, 8:00pm

Showcase Concert at Daylesford Town Hall

Salvation Jane
Barb McFarlane
Ajak Kwai
Brunswick Women's Choir
Sweet Mona's
Nasrine and Diego
Shellie Morris


Saturday 11 Jan 2013, 11:00pm

Dance Jam at Daylesford Town Hall


Sunday 12 Jan 2013, 2:00pm

Grand Finale at Daylesford Town Hall

Dani Fry and Stella
Grace Barbe-
Dani and Stella
Shellie Morris
Shawn Wheelan +Natalie
Barb McFarlane
Miriam Lieberman
Ajak Kwai
Rose Heystek
Penny Larkins
Nasrine and Diego



Big Vocal Warm Up Grace Barbe, Dani Fry, Stella Savy


Everyone is involved in the creation of an amazing sound in a superb acoustic space. A blissful way to start the festival.


Yoga Shayna Ogden


Stretching, breathing, wakening and body awareness in preparation for a long day of glorious singing. Start each day with the delights of Iyengar. It’s early – 8am!


The Art of Palmas - Flamenco Clapping Diego Guerrero & Nasrine Rahmani


An in-depth look at the subtle and sophisticated art of the hand clapping accompaniment to flamenco singing. Students will learn the different parts to palmas for the bulerias as well as how to compose a "remate", and when to say "OLE"!


Rumba Flamenca Fiesta Diego Guerrero & Nasrine Rahmani


Come and learn the popular rumba songs typical to all flamenco celebrations. A fun and easy introduction to flamenco singing and a great opportunity for past students to amplify their repertoire. No experience necessary!


Women and War Ajak Kwai


It is often women who pay the price in war. Learning Ajak’s music is a close encounter with women’s experience of war in Sudan but also celebrates motherhood, birth and having a good time. Learn songs in Dinka and hear Ajak’s moving stories. This is a workshop for women AND men!


I swear by my bull, not by my woman Ajak Kwai


In Sudan a beautiful woman can cost a man 200 cows. For some, cows are more important than their women. Learn Ajak’s songs and hear stories about Sudan’s relationship with cows and women. Her songs are all original, written in Dinka language.


Bluegrass A’ Cappella arranging Rose Heystek


This style of music has sweet harmonies and brings great energy when sung in a group.  Anyone can connect with it and it’s so much fun to sing. We will explore the fundamentals of the genre and learn some great songs to sing together.

Step by step song arrangement for choirs and groups Rose Heystek


This workshop will take you through the process of getting a song ready for a group, from song choice through to performance. We will delve into the mechanics of how to adapt a song from any genre or style, and turn it into a choir hit!

Sacred Harp singing – Introduction Shawn Whelan & Natalie Sims


Sacred Harp singing is a 250 year old American tradition of  A’ Cappella community singing. Singing from a “shape-note” songbook, you’ll quickly learn to sing songs in amazing four-part harmony. The unique sound has been likened to “a cross between Celtic and Georgian,” “Gothic Gospel” or more simply “spine-tingling”.

Sacred Harp singing - more please! Shawn Whelan & Natalie Sims


In this second workshop we'll talk about the traditions of Sacred Harp community singing - and of course learn some more songs! Once widespread throughout the USA, it has been kept alive in southern Appalachia; now it is sung across the USA, in the UK and even right here in Victoria (Melbourne and Blackwood)!"


The Highs and the Lows: creating the whole picture Penny Larkins


For choir leaders and participants and anyone who wants to learn about "colouring in" their vocal palette. If we always sing 'high' or 'low' it can be a little like losing the sense of your perfume. Keep the breadth of your whole song intact and learn how to pick and choose the right sounds to use for the right songs. Choir leaders/voice teachers can pick up some handy ways to using the right feedback to get the sound you want."


Using and Keeping your Voice Penny Larkins

Why do we 'lose our voice' and how can we keep it with us ESPECIALLY on fun weekends like "Singer's Fest". Building up your vocal health is like exercise for any other part of the body and vocal fitness is the best preventative to voice problems. Discover easy daily practice tips to keep your vocal health tip top and even discover some little cheeky ways to protect your voice if it's not so fit.


Seychelles songs and triangle rhythms Grace Barbe

The triangle is integral in the music of Seychelles. It is also the most versatile of instruments! You can sing, play and dance with it and you never need to plug in to an amp! Learn to sing Seychelles tunes while playin infectious triangle rhythms. BYO triangle, or buy one from Grace.


Dance Jam Preparation - Sega Style Grace Barbe, Neda Rahmani, Stella Savy


Grace, Neda and Stella know how to party! Join in as they prepare festival participants for the Saturday Night Dance Jam - Sega Style. Sega is the traditional dance of Seychelles. You'll learn how to dance it too! If you have instruments bring them along, there will also be instruments you can borrow. Don't forget your dancing shoes!   

Sounds of Seychelles Grace Barbe


Join Grace Barbe in a workshop exploring the songs, dances and triangle rhythms of Seychelles.


Australian Songs Barb McFarlane


Choir director, sing-for-fun leader and song smith  Barb McFarlane brings a few gorgeous arrangements of songs from Australian songwriters.


Afro Brazilian Style Percussion Neda Rahmani


Neda, has a carload of percussion instruments to share with you- hand drums, shakers, bells, clave and tambourines. Learn the intricacies and swing of Afro Brazilian Percussion. No prior experience or instruments are required, but you can BYO tom, snare, conga or hand drum if you have them!


Melbourne Millennium Chorus Taster Workshop Stella Savy


The Melbourne Millennium Chorus is an annual event on The Boite's calendar. Each year, hundreds of singers rehearse in locations across the state and perform at a high profile event in August. In 2013, The Melbourne Millennium Chorus will explore the music of the Seychelles with conductors Stella Savy and Dani Fry with guest appearances from Grace Barbe. Take a sneak peak at what is to come with Stella. Rehearsals begin in May 2013 and everyone is invited to join! 


Music For Young Singers Stella Savy 

Stella Savy is an inspiring teacher for all ages with years of experience in classrooms and community settings. Learn some of Stella tricks for the classroom and some useful repertoire for young singers. A great workshop for teachers and parents, children are welcome to attend. 


Baptist style Gospel Dani Fry & Stella Savy

Come and sing your hearts out, Baptist style, with Gospel songstress Dani Fry and Stella Savy.