The Millennium Chorus

Each year, The Boîte Millennium Chorus brings hundreds of singers from all over the state together for a grand concert in Hamer Hall. Chorus members from Richmond to Mallacoota rehearse for nine weeks for this spectacular event. Everyone is welcome to join! 


Boite Millennium Chorus 2016 - Windrush: I don't want to go alone

In 1948 post WW2, The MV Empire Windrush was en route from Australia to England via the Atlantic, docking in Kingston, Jamaica in order to pick up servicemen who were on leave. An advertisement had appeared in a Jamaican newspaper offering cheap transport on the ship for anybody who wanted to come and work in the UK.
This was the beginning of a mass migration from the Caribbean to the UK that changed the lives of not only those who seek work and a new beginning, but of those who were about to see a multicultural England, like it or not!
Windrush, led by Geoffrey Williams and Stella Savy, will take you on a musical journey from the warm tropical songs of the Caribbean to a new sound and culture developing in the UK.
The economic and sociopolitical climate of the time meant that this migration was no smooth journey. However the struggle of the Caribbean community to make a life within an unwelcoming British society changed popular culture forever.
The influence that the Windrush years had on the UK gave us not only The Two Tone Label and the The Specials but inspired artists such as Elvis Costello, Sting and The Clash as well as our very own Geoffrey Williams who lived in these turbulent times in the UK.
Windrush will not only feature traditional and contemporary songs that we all know and love, but also original compositions to tell a personal tale of the Williams family making this iconic journey.