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Boite Millennium Chorus


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Boite Millennium Chorus Gurrong 2015

Each year the Boite Millennium Chorus combines 250-400 singers from all accross the state to come together to rehearse for 9 weeks in Richmond, Mallacoota, Bairnsdale, Orbost, Mornington, Sassafras, Wangaratta, Albury, Castlemaine and Ballarat, culminating in a grand concert at the Hamer Hall in August. Everyone is welcome to join! 

Interested in knowing more? What’s about checking this short video we have done for you?


Directed by Lamine Sonko and Andrea Khoza, ONE AFRICA is a musical journey sharing a rich cultural history from the ancient knowledge of past traditions to the colourful fusion of contemporary sounds that have returned from the African diaspora bringing a message of unity and connectedness.

Discover Lamine Sonko as part of Gurrong - New Treasures in an Old Land with Lumba and Aladji. 


The story of One Africa?

"I am because we are, and since we are, therefore I am." 

In Africa before darkness there was a light, this is where our story begins. When people were in harmony with the world they occupied. When humans and nature were reflections of each other as one. When the cosmic sound of the Ankije Ankibe was answered by human beings, moving together in the same rhythm. And water, the vital force that connects us all, giving life, shaping lands and carrying our stories and people to share this with the world.

Always Africa is giving us something new, singing the triumphs as well as the tragedies in our history. For more than a thousand years we have been bringing into being empire after empire. Water was the underlying force, the Nile River starting in the heart of Africa and flowing to Egypt in the north, the world’s first cultural highway giving rise to the first great civilisation.

This was the light that came before the dark that enslaved Africa and scattered her people to the furthest corners of the world. We hear our music coming back to us from across the ocean and ask how did we become so scattered and fragmented and how can we unite to celebrate our oneness?

Music and song followed our enslaved people across the Atlantic but remained free in the new lands and continues to exist to provoke resistance, celebrate a vibrant new identity and remember the past. Returning to Africa are old rhythms in new forms telling the story of how the diaspora is now living with this history.

The music of Africa is as varied as the thousands of tribes and languages that make up the vast land. But when we hear the call of ankije ankibe our feet walk together in the same rhythm, united in our common humanity.

Like drops of water, the beat of the drum slowly builds and gets stronger until where there was once a desert now flows a river to carry us on our journey. Together we walk through the gate of understanding and through music and song carry the wisdom and culture that has been sent across vast waters and now returns to unite us as One Africa.


Come and join us and the 300 voices in this beautiful trip to Africa! 

To enrol in the choir, click HERE.

To obtain information on the rehearsals, click HERE.

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