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Boite Millennium Chorus Regional Choirs


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The Boite Millennium Chorus
Regional Rehearsal Choir Program

The Boite Millennium Chorus, Regional Rehearsal Choir program encourages people from regional areas to take part in this exciting major choir project.

All singers are welcome to enroll in the choir. All choir members must be Boite members. Discounted choir enrolment fees and Boite membership fees are made available to regional choir members. Capacity in the choir is limited by the number of places on the concert stage.

Regional Choir members - how to enrol
Regional choir members must choose whether to rehearse in Melbourne or with their regional choir leader and pay the appropriate choir fee. i.e. If you live regionally, but are rehearsing in Melbourne, you must pay the Melbourne rehearsal fee. This does not effect Boite membership fee.

All regional choir members participating in a regional choir must enroll as individuals online. Unfortunately we do not have the resources or space to accommodate all regional choir members in the regular Melbourne rehearsals. Regional choir members are welcome and encouraged to attend rehearsals #8 and #9 with the Melbourne choir. We book larger rehearsal venues and anticipate the full number of choir members to be present at these rehearsals. They are also really exciting rehearsals because the band is also present at these rehearsals.

Where do Regional Choirs rehearse?
We aim to have a rehearsal centre within 90 minutes drive of anywhere in Victoria.
Over the years, the Boite Millennium Chorus has had wonderful teams of regional leaders from the following locations:
Albury, Arrarat, Mallacoota, Bairnsdale, Gisborne, Orbost, Frankston, Castlemanie and Ballarat, Wangaratta, Markwood, Shepparton, Stratford and Warnambool.

The Boite Millennium Chorus
Regional Choir Leaders

The Boite Millennium Chorus aims to support the work of new and existing choirs, musicians and professional choir leaders in regional Victoria. The project is an exciting performance opportunity for your group. It creates access to an array of highly skilled choir leaders and artists from diverse cultural backgrounds. All repertoire has been commissioned by the Boite and arranged specifically for this project.

We do assess regional choir leaders wishing to take part in the Boite Millennium Chorus. The key skills required are musical literacy, the ability to teach all parts - (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) and experience leading choirs.

Choir leaders can attend any number of Boite Millennium Chorus rehearsals in Melbourne and will be in contact with the Artistic Directors and The Boite at all times during the rehearsal period. A Regional Choir Leaders Workshop is organised at the beginning of the rehearsal season. All music material is distributed at this rehearsal and regional choir leaders have the opportunity to learn the music with the Artistic Directors. Please refer to the rehearsal schedule for more details about this workshop.

The Boite Millennium Chorus is a statewide project. It is also a project designed to be financially self sustaining. i.e. we do not rely on grant income for the project to take place. There is a Regional Rehearsal Choir leader’s subsidy available. This subsidy is generated from the fees of all choir members, thus there is a limit on the money available.

Discounts and support offered to regional choirs and their leaders

Subsidy is available for professional choir leaders to run choirs in regional locations. This subsidy is limited and may not be available to all regional groups.

To be eligible for the different subsidies, choirs and their leaders must:
• Meet the eligibility criteria
• Complete the online Regional Choir Expression of Interest form

The choir’s primary contact person will be advised by email before the first rehearsal whether they will be offered any of the following subsidies:

Choir Leader's Free place
• Free place for the choir leader to perform in the concert
• Free T-shirt or performance attire for choir leader (Must be ordered through the Boite)
• Free live recording concert CD
• Biography and photo of your choir printed in the souvenir program (information to be provided by June 1)
• Souvenir Program

Regional Rehearsal Choir Leader's Subsidy

• $100 per rehearsal for choir leaders with 10 to 19 Boite Millennium Chorus members enrolled and rehearsing in your regional choir.
• $5 per head, per rehearsal for choir leaders with 20-49 Boite Millennium Chorus members enrolled and rehearsing in your regional choir.
• $250 per rehearsal for choirs with 50 or more Boite Millennium Chorus members enrolled and rehearsing in your regional choir.

• If a choir leader has more than one choir within a region willing to work as Boite Millennium Regional Rehearsal Choirs, the Boite will treat them all as if they were one choir when calculating financial support.
• A maximum of 9 rehearsals can be subsidised.

Choir Leader travel allowance
This is available for up to two trips taken by choir leader to Melbourne for Melbourne Millennium Chorus rehearsals. Travel allowance is only for trips undertaken by the choir leader.
The allowances are as follows:
75 - 199 km  from Melbourne GPO- $50 per trip.
200 - 299 km from Melbourne GPO - $75 per trip.
300 - 399 km from Melbourne GPO -  $100 per trip.
400 - 499 km from Melbourne GPO - $125 per trip.
500 - 600km from Melbourne GPO - $150 per trip.

Application to The Boite for Regional Rehearsal Choir Support

Eligibility Criteria
• Regional choirs must have a minimum of 10 regional members enrolled in the Boite Millennium Chorus before the first Melbourne rehearsal and rehearsing in their region during the rehearsal season.
• Choir leaders must be a Boite member
• Rehearsals must be located 50 km or more from the Melbourne GPO
• Choirs are strategically located so that we have one choir in each region.
• Your choir is open to members of the public wanting to take part in the Boite Millennium Chorus for the 9 week rehearsal period.
• Choir must focus on the Boite Chorus repertoire during the rehearsal period.
• Choir leaders must attend the Regional Choir Leaders Workshop in Melbourne and at least one other rehearsal.
• Choir leader must perform in the final Boite Millennium Chorus concert.
• We urge regional choirs to prepare a media release for the local press about their involvement in this project. This is an excellent local story and there is a very good chance that your choir will get local press coverage. That is good for the choir and good for the project. The Boite will assist. Examples of media releases are posted on the website.

Billing Procedure
If subsidy for the choir leader is approved:

Choir to supply an itemised tax invoice to The Boite for the appropriate amount of support at the end of the project. An attendance roll indicating where and when rehearsals were held and which Boite Millennium Chorus members attended also to be forwarded.

Further Information

District Rehearsals with Boite Millennium Chorus Artistic Director/s
It may be possible to schedule a one or two day rehearsal, and possibly, concert in your area, with the Boite Millennium Chorus artistic and choir directors, if they are available.
Any funding required must be generated locally. Arrangements may be made directly with the Artistic or Choir Directors. We will write letters of support.

Follow on Boite Chorus Concert
We are willing to support and promote regional concerts using the Boite Millennium Chorus theme and songs sung by local Boite Millennium Chorus members and other local choir members, as well as some Boite Millennium Chorus members from Melbourne and other regions. These concerts should involve other local artists. Any funding required must be generated locally. We will write letters of support. These concerts should not be premiered before the Boite Millennium Chorus concert in Melbourne. Please credit the Boite in your project.

Crediting The Boite as a cultural partner at follow on concerts
The Boite expects that the original artistic directors and The Boite will be credited from the stage, will be invited to the performance, will receive copies of any media coverage and follow up documentation. Logo will be supplied for inclusion on printed material.

Additional Support
Letters of support written to The Boite Director, Roger King, from your choir members and media stories are very encouraging and help us to maintain general public interest in this amazing project. Please send us as many as you can.

Choir photos and biographies in the program
The regional choir members play a significant role in the Boite Millennium Chorus project. We would like to include photo and biography of your choir in the concert program. Please upload a biography and photo of your choir to the Boite Artists Directory by June 1st. This information will be published in the program.

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