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Can you keep a secret?

This page will give you ​direct access to all the events we have put online since announcing that our response to the situation would be "Adapt, not cancel". 

1 Cordillera.png

Adapt not cancel Session #1: Cordillera

1 Karen.jpg

Adapt not cancel Session #2: The Song Balm with Karen Knowles

1 Suitcase.jpg

Suitcase: Earth Music Open Mic: April

1 30th.jpg

Revisiting The Boite's 30th Birthday Concert

1 Limpopo.jpg

Revisiting the 2008 Boite Millennium Chorus: Limpopo

200424 MAS &Sarita McHarg S.jpg

Melbourne Amplified Strings with Sarita McHarg

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 10.28.36 am.pn

Suitcase: Earth Music Open Mic - May

Matsudo Week Concert S.jpg

Matsudo Week Concert: Mion Kamei and Brandon Lee

Song Appetit Thumb-Yuval Askhar.jpg

Song Appetit with Yuval Ashkar

Song Appetit Thumb-Stephen Taberner.png

Song Appetit with Stephen Taberner

Chuei Nick Leigh S.jpg

Chuei Yoshikawa, Nick Charles and Leigh Sloggett


Revisiting the 2014 Boite Millennium Chorus: Gurrong

Suitcase 2020 Social Distancing-01.jpg

Suitcase: Earth Music Open Mic - June

East of West dark background Screen.jpg

East of West

200614 The Lost Clog L+B.jpg

The Lost Clog

200617 Song Appetit L+P.jpg

Song Appetit with Xani Kolac

Samassin quintet.jpg

Samassin with Sandy Jeffs

200628 Entre Tango S.jpg

Entre Tango

Suitcase 2020 July.png

Suitcase: Earth Music Open Mic - July

Video Launch Cover.png

Vital Video Launch

Artboard 2.png

Revisiting Mai Fali Eh!

Song Appetit with Linsey Pollak.png

Song Appetit with Linsey Pollak

200719 Alejandro & Tash Vargas.jpg

Alejandro and Tash Vargas


The Boîte is Victoria’s iconic multicultural music organisation. Founded in 1979, it supports excellent artists from diverse cultural communities, promotes cultural understanding through the dynamic presentation of unique cultural experiences, and nurtures creativity, collaboration, access to and active participation in the arts. Read more...

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