Remote Applause - Test

Many musicians have told us that the experience of playing from home, to an empty room, particularly the silence at the end of every song, has been draining and difficult. So we have been working on solutions to this, and would like to test a system that will allow the performers to hear your applause at the end of each song. 

For this event, we will be trialling a new system. This might not quite work this time, but it might and it will make a huge difference to the musicians if it does.

Requirements: A device with a microphone connected to the internet and a web browser. We think it's that simple.

If you are unable to make it work, please email with the details of the issue you encountered so we can improve the system for future events.



1 - Click here to join the remote applause stream. This is what you should see:

(The exact layout might vary from one computer to another, but it should be very similar to these images)

Applause 1.png

2 - Click "Join Room with a Camera".


This is what you should see:

Applause 2.jpg

Select the following options:

  • Video Source: Disable Video

  • Audio Source: Built-In Microphone (or equivalent)

  • Audio Output Destination: Built-In Speakers (or equivalent)

Your system might ask you to give the browser permission to access the camera or microphone. You will need to authorise this.

Applause 3.png



This is what you should see:


This will open an audio connection from your location to us, which will allow us to send your applause through to the performers. We will control the stream so it's only audible to the performers at the end of each song.


You can navigate to a different window or tab, but you need to leave it open for your applause to come through to us. 

If you accidentally close the window, you can restart the process at any time.

At the end of the show, close the window/tab to suspend your connection.

If you encounter any issues, please email describing your experience so we can improve the system for future events.