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Anne Norman / The Faraway Trio



solo, trios, various


Mixed Band

shakuhachi, bass, drums

Region/Geographical Influences:


Japan, contemporary Australian



jazz, Japanese, world fusion, classical...

The brief:

Anne Norman is a passionate shakuhachi performer & composer working as soloist and in ensemble.

Band Members

Stephen Hornby, Chris Lewis, Anne Norman

All about the artist/s

Anne collaborates with a highly diverse range of musicians and other art forms, often incorporating spoken and sung word within her recitals. In 2018 Anne performed her new music at the World Shakuhachi Festival in London, giving workshops on vocalising while blowing shakuhachi. In 2019 she performed in Portugal, Switzerland, Germany & Japan. In 2022 Anne is invited to present workshops and perform her music in Shenzhen, China.
To overcome lockdown blues Anne took up coloured pencils, editing video clips of her drawings-in-progress set to her music. These were broadcast in an on-line Song Appetit concert hosted by The Boite in Sept 2020. In Lockdown Anne also composed Brolga Dawn for nine voices with field recordings of wetland birds. This was scheduled to be premiered by Polyphonic Voices at Port Fairy Spring Music Festival in Oct 2021 along with her piece Heart Moon for choir and shakuhachi, but the festival was cancelled.
From 2007-2019 Anne curated and performed in the Boite's annual Box Hill / Matsudo concerts featuring cross-art form performances with Japanese & Australian performers - calligraphers, dancers, musicians, swordsman & tea masters. Her 1st gig for the Boite in 1993 was original music for shakuhachi, koto, mbira & cello.
Before studying shakuhachi bamboo flute in Japan Anne played silver flute.
She is in two highly creative trios:
The Faraway Trio (bass/drums/shak);
Skyglass (guitar/vln/vox/shak)

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