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Kirsty Pittman/Samassin




Mixed Band

Region/Geographical Influences:


pan global



The brief:

Kirsty Pittman; guitarist, composer, improviser, band leader, jazz, contemporary classical, tango

Band Members

Belinda Woods, Justin Lim, Christopher Lewis, Daniel Hoban

All about the artist/s

Kirsty Pittman is an individual voice in contemporary fusion music/jazz, as a composer and instrumentalist she creates a rich sound world that strives to dispel preconceptions of genre. Her approach to guitar is unique, inspired by fretless ethnic stringed instruments such as the oud, kora and sarod.
She identifies with jazz due to her love of vibrant groves and rhythms from around the globe. Her jazz studies took her deeply into carnatic and middle eastern music. Her love of long-form contemporary classical composition came from her study of composition at Melbourne Conservatorium of Music
Her principal project is Samassin; original contemporary jazz/ compositions performed by a quintet comprising Belinda Woods, Justin Lim, Chris Lewis and Daniel Hoban (flute, bass clarinet, percussion and guitars) Samassin will record their third studio album later this year.
Kirsty has also spent many years studying the intricacies of tango guitar, as band leader of sextet La Busca, and in 2018 was a founding member of the Melbourne Tango Orchestra. This sprung from two workshop series with from musical directors from la academia de tango, Buenos Aires.

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