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Mixed Band

Region/Geographical Influences:

Latin American



The brief:

Stefania Serna is a Melbourne-based singer/songwriter.

Band Members

Bisho Abdelsayed

All about the artist/s

Stefania Serna is a Melbourne-based singer/songwriter. Drawing on the traditional Bolero style of her hometown Cali in Colombia, she uses urban production to create a fresh, contemporary sound. Stefania has had success in her 15 year career as a singer with other artists, and has recently made the transition to writing and recording her own music.

Since moving to Australia in 2012, Stefania’s performance work has included performance and collaboration with Chukale, Ella Trinidad and Grammy Award winning Mayito Rivera. In 2019 she began writing her own music, co-leading Queen of Hearts the first female mariachi group in Melbourne and Calle Luna Latin Band.

In 2021 Stefania teamed up with eclectic producer Leo Guardo and Orianna (Sony Music Mexico) to deliver “Igual”, a new passionate and captivating song with a genuine invitation to think unitedly.

Integrating Latin American tradition with sounds that connect with contemporary Australian music, Stefania’s music is an innovative, refreshing take on a Bolero.

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