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Boîte Schools Chorus

The Boîte Schools Chorus is an un-auditioned choir project for schools and community youth choirs. Since 2004 the Boîte Schools Chorus has involved over 9000 students from across Victoria in 42 concerts in Melbourne, Frankston, Ballarat, Bairnsdale & Albury. The Boite Schools Chorus project invites students into a new world through song, builds confidence, broadens horizons and develops valuable performance and interpersonal skills.

Each year the chorus focuses on a different cultural theme.

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The theme for BSC 2024 is Los Niños: The Children. Children from all across Victoria will be singing songs about climate change.

Pictures from previous years of BSC.

2024: Los Niños: The Children

2023: Maiem - Songs of the Torres Strait 
2021: Akoma - The Heart  

2019: Dhungala Choral Connection

2018: Mission Songs Project

2017: Haven-A Place of Refuge,of Safety, a Harbour

2016: Windrush - I Don't Want To Go Alone

2015: One Africa - Stories, Rhythms and Songs

2014: Gurrong – New Treasures in an Old Land

2013: Coco de Mer – Sounds of the Seychelles

2012: Mai Fali Eh – Songs of Timor Leste

2011: Freedom Road – Gospel songs

2010: Todo Cambia – Everything Changes

2009: Our Home, Our Land – Songs of Indigenous Australia

2008: Limpopo – Songs of South Africa

2007: Nongoma- Songs from Across Africa

2006: Rongo – Voices from Australasia & Oceania

2004: Flight – A Concert for Refugees

BSC themes by year (Click the title to learn more)

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Mary Verwey, Teacher, Heatherhill Primary School

"It is so important for our kids to be able to participate in such amazing activities; these will be what they remember from their time at primary school. Thank you for including us."

Bettina McMurray, PVC College

“All my choir members thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the parents and relatives were amazed with the performance. It is such a worthwhile venture as it goes way beyond just the singing, teaching the students so much about diversity, tolerance and coming together.”
BSC 2024

Boîte Schools Chorus 2024

Los Niños: The Children

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The Boite Schools Chorus 2024 presents a powerful repertoire of songs serving as a call to action and inspiring positive change to our approach to environmental issues.

Through captivating melodies and meaningful lyrics sourced from singers from around the world, these songs shed light on pressing concerns such as water, overfishing, carbon emissions, and many other environmental challenges. Join us in raising awareness and advocating for a sustainable future through the power of music.

The diverse material in this Boite Schools Chorus collection showcases many varied environmental issues around the globe. By highlighting these issues, the music encourages reflection on individual impact and inspires action towards creating a sustainable future for our interconnected planet. Songs are sourced from all regions of the globe affected by climate change including the Pacific, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Additionally, the incorporation of local indigenous stories fosters a deep connection to our own backyard and encourages us to take responsibility for our surroundings.

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Meet the Director

Stella Savy

stella savvy.webp

Choir Director

Stella has been a vocal coach for over 20 years, conducting groups such as Sweet Mona’s Choir, the Mini Mona’s Choir and Thursday Night Community Choir. Stella has worked with The Boite on many choir projects over the last 10 years, Freedom Road, Mai Fali Eh, Coco de Mer, Windrush and Haven. Stella has worked with choirs and groups all around the world and has an energetic and fun approach to facilitating her sessions. Stella also performs regularly in her bands, playing percussion, singing and guitar. Stella and her husband Mishael Gyabeng conduct cultural tours to the Seychelles and Ghana every year, giving visitors a personal, musical and educational holiday experience.

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