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Tango Mood at Bar 303

Tango Mood

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Event Date

Friday, 27 May 2022

Event Time

5:30 am

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303 High St, Northcote VIC 3070, Australia

Why should you get excited?

With LatinoAmerican Afro roots, we play traditional music and original compositions. Tango/Candombe

Music Genre:


Type of Performance:

Live Concert


Mixed Band

About the Event

Tango Mood is back again!
We play music from Uruguay and Argentina.
We play traditional music, and original compositions with Latino American Afro roots.
We bring music with a bilingual approach.
We play music, but dancing is one of our topics too.
Our lineup:
Elian Sellanes (Argentina) - Piano
Chris Maunders (Australia) - Chromatic Harmonica
Paulo Gutierrez (Uruguay) - Tambor
Callum Harber (Australia) - Electri Bass
Elena Zalez (Argentina) - Voice and Dance
Conscious of the roots of tango music, echoing the sad melodies of the European immigrant and the furious rhythms of the Indigenous and African slave populations of late 18th century in Argentina and Uruguay, this ensemble was born to build cultural bridges between urban sophistication and tribal power, between the unresolved past and the unknown future, between South America and Australia.
With a repertoire of original/traditional tangos, and folk music from Argentina and Uruguay interpreted on piano Elian Sellanes, voice Elena Zalez, accompanied by the melancholic sound of the chromatic harmonica of Chis Maunders, and Paulo Guiterrez (one of the best representatives of Uruguayan culture) setting the vibrant rhythm in tambor followed by Callum Harber in electric bass.
The whole group enchants its audience with a powerful bilingual performance loaded with music, dance, stories, rhythms, and emotions inherited from their different cultures. / Photo: Emerald MacGill at @Melbourneminute.

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