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Women @ Lowy Live presents, Tango Mood with Marce Ospina and Elena Zalez

Elena Zalez/Tango Mood

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Event Date

Wednesday, 12 July 2023

Event Time

10:00 am

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225 Nicholson St, Brunswick East VIC 3057, Australia

Why should you get excited?

Women in music and dance

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Type of Performance:

Live Concert



About the Event

Tango Mood, with Elena Zalez in voice/dance, Elian Sellanes in piano, and Paulo Gutierrez setting
the rhythm on the Tambor. Experience the rich tapestry of South American music with Afro roots,
as their bilingual performance takes you on a seamless journey from soul-stirring tangos to upbeats
candombes. Don't miss this extraordinary musical experience! Invited artist: Marce Ospina (Tango
Elena is a performer artist, driven by a vision of equity and fairness. She is a tango dancer/teacher, singer. Elena was
Born in Patagonia, Argentina and has lived in cities across the globe. Performing with different projects in Europe, Japan, Argentina and Australia she has garnered a wealth of cultural and artistic influences that inform her multifaceted practice.
Marce Ospina is originally from Colombia. When she was 17 she began studying Ballet, gymnastics and Tango. The combination of these three disciplines, as well as her bubbly Caribbean background, has contributed to her unique style.
Her participation in different festivals, championships and performances in Colombia, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Germany, has enriched her dancing and teaching skills.
Elena and Marce have been working toguether performing, teaching and organizing events, including a participation at the National Folk Festival in 2023, where they share their love for tango.

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