Up and coming musicians are encouraged to apply for mentorship as a part of our Portfolio program. This program is The Boîte's partnership with Collingwood yards to deliver mentorship and support the next wave of musicians to create their portfolios.

Located in Melbourne CBD, this program creates opportunities for the successful musician to create, perform and record in a safe and nurturing environment. Available for successful applicants aged 18-30 years.

The Portfolio program is coming soon! 

For more information please contact us

"The Boîte gave me my first gig when I came to Melbourne in 1993 and without The Boîte I don't think I would have survived... For me The Boîte is Melbourne... Makes Melbourne humane, community values, value of people from diverse cultures and the amazing alchemy that happens when you share. Good old fashion sharing. The Boîte is a really fantastic part of the heart of Melbourne, It's at the centre.”

- Kavisha Mazzella, Musician from WA, during a one off concert with The Boîte 2021. 

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