Adapt, not cancel

The Boite's response to the COVID-19 situation

The Boîte’s imperative is to find ways to support the artists without posing unnecessary health risks. In response, we will be moving as many of our upcoming concerts as possible to a video format.

We face difficult and unpredictable times. Incredible examples of the power of music to support communities through such turbulence have already come from balconies in Rome, courtyards in Barcelona and karaoke livestreams in China. The capacity of artists to inspire and heal is only limited by the art sector’s vulnerability. At The Boîte, we align ourselves with a positive attitude that seeks to adapt our program to the situation rather than cancel it altogether.

We are, of course, very concerned by the impact on the livelihood of the artists who have already lost an estimate of over $150 million dollars* due to the massive wave of cancellations the sector is experiencing in Australia. Our imperative is to find ways to support the artists without posing any unnecessary health risks.

Our commitment to a vibrant and diverse community in which music resounds and is shared widely will not dwindle or falter through these troubled times.

In response, we will be moving as many upcoming concerts as possible to video formats so we can:

  • limit the impact of the situation on the livelihood of the artists by guaranteeing them a payment, and

  • offer audiences the opportunity to engage in exquisite musical experiences at home.

Doing this will, of course, have a cost. Without the box office, we must turn our attention to other ways of generating income for the artists.

We will host online watch parties at the same time as the scheduled concerts during which you will be able to hear the artists perform, interact with them and contribute to what would otherwise be lost income for them.

There are several ways you can support our efforts through this critical period:



The Boîte is Victoria’s iconic multicultural music organisation. Founded in 1979, it supports excellent artists from diverse cultural communities, promotes cultural understanding through the dynamic presentation of unique cultural experiences, and nurtures creativity, collaboration, access to and active participation in the arts. Read more...

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