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Updated: Jul 23

Victoria's sudden announcement of another lockdown has been a great source of distress and anxiety. To bring you a bit of comfort at home, The Boite will re-run a series of shows from our 2020 "Adapt, not Cancel" program at 7:30pm every night of the lockdown.

To watch the shows, you just need to go to

Here's the program for our "Music is Good Company" festival:

  • 7:30pm, Friday July 16: Luke Plumb and Stephen Lalor

  • 7:30pm, Saturday July 17: The Iaki Vallejo Quartet

  • 7:30pm, Sunday July 18: Avaye Rood

  • 7:30pm, Monday July 19: Senes Flamenco

  • 7:30pm, Tuesday July 20: Zulya and the Children of the Underground Trio

  • 7:30pm, Wednesday July 21: International Georgian Choirs Concert 2020

  • 7:30pm, Thursday July 22: Alejandro and Tash Vargas

  • 7:30pm, Friday July 23: La Mauvaise Reputation

  • 7:30pm, Saturday July 24: Brandon Lee and Mion Kamei

  • 7:30pm, Sunday July 25: Entre Tango and guests

  • 7:30pm, Monday July 26: East of West

  • 7:30pm, Tuesday July 27: Melbourne Amplified Strings with Sarita McHarg

Check back here for more shows, should lockdown be extended.

Stay safe, stay home.

About the performances:

Alejandro and Tash Vargas

Chilean-born musician, Alejandro Vargas loves any opportunity to perform with his talented daughter Tash. They featured together in The Boite 40th Birthday celebrations and this online concert offers another opportunity to catch their combined repertoire of songs in Spanish.

La Mauvaise Reputation

French gypsy swing virtuosos, regarded as Australia’s most authentic interpreters of the beautiful melodies of classic French chanson, hot jazz and up-tempo 30’s swing. Take a trip through time to La Belle Paris, with music and poetry readings.

Brandon Lee and Mion Kamei

The Boite's 2020 Matsudo Week concert focuses on Okinawa, the southernmost island of Japan, somewhat isolated from the mainland with a warm tropical climate. Okinawan music uses a different scale, the folk music is upbeat and catchy. Featuring Brandon Lee on koto and Mion Kamei on Sanshin (Okinawan Shamisen).

Entre Tango Entre Tango sets out to present a unique bitter-sweet blend of the passion and melancholy of Tango and Folk music from Argentina, with special guest Julian Scheffer on guitar. With poetry readings from Grace de las Nieves and Jaime Wilson, and a virtual tour of Magnet Galleries’ current exhibition.

East of West

A captivating new take on the fusion between world music and jazz, playing original compositions inspired by the music of the Mediterranean and Balkans. Goran Gajić on double bass, Philip Griffin on oud and Malindi Morris on percussion.

Melbourne Amplified Strings with Sarita McHarg

MAS are Anita Quayle (cello) and Xani Kolac (violin). They play music that shifts paradigms and explores the versatility of amplified, stringed instruments. They join forces with sitarist Sarita Mcharg to push the sonic boundaries of what is possible for stringed instruments.

Luke Plumb and Stephen Lalor

From Tasmania and NSW, come two of our finest mandolin players, collaborating across musical genres and state borders.

Iaki Vallejo Quartet

Iaki Vallejo sings contemporary original songs, informed by her musical experience as a descendant of the diverse ethnicities that populated Colombia after colonisation. Her singing is warm passionate, laid back and intensely rhythmic. She crosses barriers of language and mean-ing to awaken something deep in her listeners.

Avaye Rood

Persian musician Amir Kaveh has drawn together artists based in Canada and Iran for a concert of Avaye Rood Ensemble, part of The Boite’s Adapt not Cancel series in the Covid 19 lockdown. Performing with him will be: Pegah Kheirdoush, Behzad Ansari, and his brother Siavash Kaveh.

Senes Flamenco

Dancer Aya Kitaoji of Senes, understands song and dance as a form of story-telling. Motivated by the oriental concept of the 5 Elements of Existence (Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Space) and its relationship with our inner and outer world, S.E.N.E.S. explores its parallel concepts; Solitude, Essence, Necessity, Evolution and Synergy through flamenco dance, music and song.

Zulya and the Children of the Underground Trio

After years of travelling the world and sharing her original music with audiences all over, Zulya now invites the world to come in and join her at her most intimate, as she recalls the Tatar songs she and her parents, aunties and uncles would sing around the table during her childhood. With Zulya Kamalova on vocals, Andrew Tanner on bass and Anthony Schulz on Accordion.


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