Sing Freedom Road

Updated: Jun 11

Freedom Road will be an opportunity to be part of an event with outstanding local and regional musicians in a spectacular celebration of the songs that accompanied the Black American struggle for equality. This will be a reimagining of the hugely successful project, "Freedom Road" curated by Stella Savy and Dani Fry for the Boite’s 2011 Millennium Chorus in Melbourne.

Freedom Road, Bendigo is an exciting participatory arts project staged by The Boite, working with Stella Savy and a collection of talented musicians from regional Victoria. The Boite will form an un-auditioned choir of keen singers, drawn from the Bendigo region. The choristers will rehearse over an 8-week period (beginning in late August) in Bendigo with the multi talented Choir Director Stella Savy, culminating in a glorious concert at the Ulumbarra Theatre on Sunday October the 25th (details of the event will be confirmed nearer to the date as post Covid-19 life reveals itself). Freedom Road will tell the inspiring story of gospel music, a tradition that grew out of a time of struggle when injustices against humanity were commonplace. It will look at the music of work hollers, early blues, soul and the chain gang and tell the human story within the songs showing a positive story of hope, which looks towards a future free from slavery.

Enrolments opening soon

About Stella Savy

Stella has been a vocal coach for over 20 years, conducting groups such as Sweet Mona’s Choir, the Mini Mona’s Choir and Thursday Night Community Choir. Stella has worked with The Boite on many choir projects over the last 10 years, Freedom Road, Mai Fali Eh, Coco de Mer, Windrush and Haven. Stella has worked with choirs and groups all around the world and has an energetic and fun approach to facilitating her sessions. Stella also performs regularly in her bands, playing percussion, singing and guitar. Stella and her husband Mishael Gyabeng conduct cultural tours to the Seychelles and Ghana every year, giving visitors a personal, musical and educational holiday experience.


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