Small Island Big Song Watch Party and Q&A

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Small Island Big Song is available to watch until Saturday November 28 Tickets $15 through

Join us for an opportunity to experience the world from the view of a 100 first nation artists from around the globe through “Small Island Big Song”, a 3-year-in-the-making film that reunites a shared ancestry of the Pacific and Indian Ocean islands through song, creating a contemporary and relevant epic musical statement in the face of climate change.

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This exclusive online watch party was introduced by film director Tim Cole with a live performance by Charles Maimarosia, a multi-instrumentalist from the Pipisu village of the Solomon Islands and one of the artists featured in the film.

After viewing the film, Tim Cole, BaoBao Chen and Charles Maimarosia shared a Q&A session about their experiences in the making of the film.

Small Island Big Song is available to watch until Saturday November 28 Tickets $15 through

Supported by Creative Victoria

About the film

Small Island Big Song is a union of musicians from Madagascar to Rapa Nui/Easter Island, Taiwan to Zenadth Kes/The Torres Strait singing out from their Islands across the ocean, reuniting a shared ancestry of the seas. In the spirit of storytelling before the current borders were drawn, this film is an Oceanic Songline, a timely and uplifting musical plea for environmental and cultural awareness from those on the frontline of the climate crisis. Filmed over three years on 16 Island Nations / 33 Indigenous Nations of the Indo-Pacific with over 100 artists

The film’s initiators Australian filmmaker & music-producer Tim Cole and Taiwanese film producer BaoBao Chen, met the artists on their homelands to record a song ‘which spoke for their heritage and environment’. A song they took across the ocean for other artists representing their island to add to, all filmed in nature, sung in the language and played on the instruments of that land. Through this process, the film’s voice was created in the field following the guidance of those carrying the cultural lineage, those who could speak for the land.

Tim Cole

Tim is an Australian Music Producer/Filmmaker specialising in cross cultural projects - filmed, recorded and produced in the field. Producing several award winning projects including Not Drowning, Waving’s ‘Tabaran’ landmark world music release and the groundbreaking feature film ‘Vanuatu Women’s Water Music’, (5-stars Songlines). A key creative behind countless headline acts including Sing Sing, Archie Roach, Telek & Circus Oz he is well experienced in delivering powerful shows. A Churchill Fellow Tim has also been invited to speak at the United Nation’s NYC, WOMEX15 & FestPac to share his creative perspective.

Bao Bao Chen

Fluent in both Mandarin and English, Project Producer/Manager BaoBao Chen has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Taiwan and is a well known public speaker in Taiwan including TEDx Taipei, The Taipei Arts Festival, numerous University and Television presentations with a social media following of 150k. As the project manager, BaoBao has brought the project to live from her passion and love of the arts and nature. Besides managing the recording & filming sessions (being a cinematographer herself), she also managed an extensive world tour in 2018 to SXSW, Førde festival, EtnoSur festival and a -7week European/Asia album launch tour, featuring 4 to 12 musicians across the oceans. She also produced an interactive website showcasing the music and stories of Small Island Big Song.

Charles Maimarosia

Former lead singer, choreographer and songwriter of the globally renowned Narasirato Pan Pipe Band, Charles is no stranger to festival main stages. Master of Bamboo Instruments, such as the Awaa and Au-Rerepi (Pan pipes). His arresting voice from the depth of his culture will sing out of your speakers, transporting you to another realm.


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