So Far, So Close: The Boite Millennium Chorus Finale

The Meat Market on Sunday 1st September held one of the finest ever Boite Millennium Chorus concerts, which is as it should have been: a finale on a high.

Working with Sophia Exiner was a great privilege for us all. Her songs were delightful and she rehearsed us all with exceptional skill and good humour. Her crafting of the concert in partnership with the Boîte team, gave us songs of welcome, of freedom, of lament, of reconciliation, a song celebrating the voice in harmony, exploring the mysteries of the migrant experience, and jumping in the ocean, even if your not ready. Lingmarra, the late Tom E Lewis' song which opened the very first Melbourne Millennium Chorus concert in 1999, closed this concert. And yes, there were a few tears.

Josh Teicher and the band provided solid, unobtrusive help just when it was needed and the guitar effects were masterful.

Getting Sello Molefi involved at the last minute was an unexpected bonus. His background is South African choirs so he knows the sounds, rhythms and energy of the songs and was a dynamic and persuasive teacher.

The featured choirs, Sedyanka led by Bagryana Popov, Melbourne Georgian Choir led by Nino Tsitsishvili, Melbourne Indie Voices led by Sophia Exiner and Voices Unbound led by Ximena Abarca, each performed beautifully. They displayed a broad palette of sounds that The Boîte is directly supporting through its programs and helped to create a concert with great contrast and variety.

Singing projects have been core business for The Boîte for about 35 years and the quality and energy was there for all to see on Sunday. We hope to organise lots more meaningful singing for everyone.

Photos: Melina Aguad


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