The Boite Millennium Chorus Pole Poster Collection

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Click here to bid on the online auction to take one of these framed posters home:

Striking posters have been vital to the success of the thousands of events The Boîte has presented over the past forty years.

From the mid 1990s to the mid 2010s The Boîte used elongated “Lamp Pole” posters for three reasons:

  • they matched the format of the event brochures they stood out from other posters they could easily be fixed to lamp poles.

The format was discontinued when local councils, failing to recognise the beauty of the artwork being contributed to their neighbourhood, started fining the promoters.

Inspired by The Boite collection of pole posters, featuring local and international artists, supporter and former Boite Treasurer, Jorg Metz has had a selection of 11 high quality prints made and framed as auction items for our 2020 Fundraiser.

Each poster has a detailed description with references to the event they promoted. Many of them designed for the annual Millennium Chorus performance are significant pieces of memorabilia for choir members. As a collection they are an illustrated social history. Individually they include images by significant artists, a reminder of the breadth of artistic engagement of Boite projects.

Click here to browse the collection, let the posters remind you of exciting artistic occasions, make a bid and support The Boite in future adventures. Online auction ends December 21.

These prints have been created through the generous contribution of Jorg Metz, former committee member of The Boite and frequent participant in the Boite Millennium Chorus projects, and framed by artist Michael Goff -


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