The Boite's new Patreon page

In these complex and fast-changing times, we have launched a Patreon page for The Boite through which you can support our work converting our program of small concerts to video.

We are doing this so that we can limit the impact of the situation on the livelihood of the artists by guaranteeing them a payment and offer audiences the opportunity to engage in exquisite musical experiences at home.

In case you don't know, Patreon is a crowd-funding platform tailored for episodic content. When you subscribe to a creator on Patreon (such as, you make a small contribution toward a series of releases, in this case the concerts in our digital adaptation series. Contributions are made every time a new show is released with the payments made at the start of each month (for the previous month's activities).

In partnership with Harmonic Whale studios, we are currently working on converting a significant number of shows from our Autumn Calendar to video. Details of which events are going to be release will be available in the next few days.

Patreon offers you a very cost effective way to enjoy exquisite music in the comfort of your home and continue supporting The Boite, and through us the artists and tecchies whose livelihoods are so severely impacted by the current health crisis.

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about all this. If you have any other questions, write to us at

Stay safe, look after yourselves and those around you, and thank you for your support!

The Boite

Frequently asked questions about our Patreon page

How many concerts will we publish?

Our immediate plan is to move at least 6 (and up to 10) of the concerts already programmed in our Autumn Calendar (click here to see the full calendar). Details of which shows will be published will be available soon.

Depending on how the situation progresses, we might do the same with the concerts we were programming for our Winter Calendar. We will let you know through our website, eNews and socials when we have made these decisions.

When the situation settles, we would like to continue publishing concerts online. We would want to keep publishing 2 or 3 concerts online each month, but we will really know what we can and cannot do a little bit later, when the pressures of the present situation relax a bit.

How much will this cost me?

By subscribing to our Patreon channel you will be supporting every show we publish with a US$10 contribution. For the current season this will be a contribution of between $60 and $100. Should the Winter Calendar also need to be fully moved to video, there will be another similar number of shows in that one. Rest assured we will use this money to pay the artists and tecchies involved in making the digital adaptation series possible.

On Patreon, you are also able to cap the maximum number of events you are willing to contribute each month to in your account settings.

If you do not wish to subscribe to the whole series, you can still purchase tickets to each individual concert through trybooking. Links to the tickets for each specific event can be found on the events calendar on our website at


At present, Patreon only supports USD, EUR and GBP as currencies. Purchases in AUD are not yet supported. Your bank/credit card will make the conversion at the current rate whenever your payment is processed at the start of each month.


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