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The Music Between

The Boite’s program of events "The Music Between" explores how musical traditions in Australia evolve and transform as they come into contact with each other. It will focus on how the original practitioners and their listeners change as they cultivate new Australian musical landscapes. 

In this project we showcase various aspects of 4 rich traditions; Indian, Iranian, Indonesian and Italian. Among the artists involved are Sanacori, Misagh Zamani, Vinod Prasanna and Leo Dale, Ria Soemardjo, members of Gameland DanAnda, Mahindra Bali and Firetail ensembles. 

Meet The Artists Involved




Sanacori is a versatile and vibrant music ensemble reinterpreting traditional songs from Italy and the Mediterranean (Albania, Greece, Spain). Tastefully combining traditional and contemporary elements to their performances with soulful singing and storytelling.

Songs of love and longing, resistance and rebellion, with passion and cheekiness, elemental traits of Italian attitude and culture. Sanacori often work with Melbourne School of Tarantella. Tarantella is a dance of many different codes and symbolism that allows individual expression in a group setting, still a useful tool of communication. Together they create a welcoming and supportive environment where people of all ages and cultural backgrounds can connect and cooperate while learning the richness of this forgotten tradition.

Leo Dale.jpeg

Leo Dale


Leo Dale’s musical body of work spans 40 years, working in many contexts including writing, touring, education, audio engineering and production.

A founding member of brass/percussion band Oxo Cubans, Leo continues to collaborate with musicians from many disciplines and traditions, including Ray Pereira, Doug DeVries, Nichaud Fitzgibbon, David Marama, bansuri player Vinod Prasanna, and sarangi player Sangeet Mishra.

Leo’s particular musical interest is arranging, writing and playing music from a contrapuntal perspective, where melody is the fundamental building block and rhythm and harmony are a byproduct of interweaving melodies.

Misagh Zamani11.jpg

Misagh Zamani


Misagh Zamani was born in a musical family in Iran, and started performing with his father’s band at the age of 4. People loved the talented young musician and let him play their instruments. Soon Misagh learnt to play 16 instruments, from classical such as piano, guitar and clarinet to traditional daf, setar, oud and duduk to name a few.

Since arriving in Australia in 2013 he has been looking for a way to share his music with broader society. 

“I want my music to be the voice of abandoned cultures, buried histories, and forgotten arts. My goal is to bring oneness and unity between all sounds and instruments, to produce a unique music that sound familiar to all international listeners.” - Misagh


Ria Soemardjo


Ria Soemardjo is a Melbourne based musician with a passion for collaborating with artists across diverse range of genres and artforms. Her distinct, haunting vocal style reflects her Australian/Indonesian cultural heritage and she draws on her fascination for Indonesian musical traditions in her song writing and

collaborative projects.

Ria is also a highly skilled teacher and workshop facilitator, who loves to share her fascination for voice and rhythm through her workshops and classes.


Vinod Prasanna


Vinod Prasanna is a performer of authentic traditional and contemporary Indian music who has performed and toured extensively throughout India and overseas, including France, Japan, Germany.

He has more than 17 years of performing and teachingexperience and continue a family legacy that celebrates more than two-and-a-half centuries of Indian music. His latest musical collaborations include world-class percussionist, David Jones, and guitarist, Evripides Evripidou, Chinese guzheng player extraordinaire, Mindy Meng Wang and Tibetan nun and singer, Ani Choying.

In 2006, Vinod won the prestigious Sahara All India Flute Recital Competition.


Gamelan DanAnda (GDA)


Operating since 2012, GDA is a community gamelan orchestra modelled on a Balinese organisation known as a Sanggar in which beginners and experienced players, students and professional performers come together to create a dynamic network of musical ensembles under one roof. 

Gamelan DanAnda have strong links with Victoria's Balinese and broader Indonesian community and frequently collaborate with other multicultural artists, ensembles and community groups.

Their recent accolades include:
KEBYAR! Fest 2022 - festival of live gamelan and dance in Geelong in collaboration with Mahindra Bali, Sanggar Lestari and Widya Luvtari, Joelistics artist in residency 2022 and much more.

Upcoming Events

The Music Between.png

The Boite presents The Music Between at Melbourne Recital Centre

Friday 24 May 2024: The Music Between with Misagh Zamani, Ria Soemardjo, Vinod Prasanna, and Rosa Voto

Friday 15 November 2024: Firetail x Gamelan DanAnda

Past Events

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