by Voices Unbound Virtual Choir

Ximena Abarca and Voices Unbound invite you to join them in forming a massed virtual choir and sing Ximena Abarca's original song "Vital". 


To be part of this, you will need to record a video of yourself singing one of the song's harmonies and send it to us. 

Below you will find videos of all the parts to use as guides. Just choose a harmony, record yourself and send it to us by clicking the submit button below.

If you have any questions or issues, email

Thank you for being part of this beautiful adaptation.


- You will need:

(1) one device with headphones to listen to the guide track, and

(2) another device with a camera and microphone to record your part (e.g. your phone).


- Set up your recording device so that it’s still and ensure you are in a quiet space without background noise. Be mindful of the background and make sure you have good light (we want to see you).

- Pick your preferred harmony (see below) and use the videos as a guide for your recording (audio files available to download) 

- Start recording before you play the track. Record the count-in ("one, two, three, four") when it's displayed onscreen. Video the whole song through, from start to finish, even if you are not singing through.


- It might take a couple of attempts before you get it right. Make sure you enjoy the process and remember you will be part of a massed virtual choir and we all help iron out each other's little imperfections just like a real choir does.


- When you are happy with your recording, click the "submit a video" button above. (Please send only one file for each part, although you are welcome to record more than one harmony and send us one recording of each).







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