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Vinay Desai

Vinay Desai

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Event Date

Saturday, 17 February 2024

Event Time

6:00 am

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11 Acacia Pl, Abbotsford VIC 3067, Australia

Why should you get excited?

Vinay Desai on Santoor will present a concert of sublime evening ragas

Music Genre:

North Indian

Type of Performance:

Live Concert



Santoor and tabla

About the Event

The meditative divine sounds of Santoor by Vinay Desai supported with the uplifting traditional beats on tabla by Jay Dabgar generate a uniquely immersive experience. The mind, heart and senses find delight, peace and inspiration as these two consummate and inspirational musicians and their classical instruments unite.

Vinay Desai is a disciple of Shiv Kumar Sharma, the legend of the Santoor (Womadelaide favourite) and he is one of the few maestros of the instrument outside of India. He carries the stylistic legacy of the great Shiv Kumar Sharma in his playing and has performed in India, Canada, USA, Bahamas, Argentina and Australia.

He is joined on tablas by Jay Dabgar, Australia ‘s foremost performer of Indian classical percussion, a celebrated tabla performer who has sponsored and accompanied many of the great musical artists from India. Jay is a leading exponent of classical Hindustani tablas as well as a dynamic experimenter of Indian fusion music.

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