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Artist Support

See below a range of yearly projects available for artists to be involved in or attend as an audience to become inspired. To be one of our artists involved please contact us, we can’t wait to hear from you!


​​Since its inception, The Boite has presented high-quality acoustic concerts in intimate live music settings in venues across Melbourne and regional Victoria. Diversity is the hallmark of these concerts, providing support for hundreds of local talented musicians, most of whom are from recent immigrant communities as we aim to contribute to a richer, more inclusive Australia. 


For every ticket we sell, we need to find ways to subsidise two others in order to ensure that musicians have opportunities to play, have space on the radio, on the web, in people’s busy lives. We also keep mentoring and supporting you for as long as you need, we understand it takes time to stand on your own feet and we hope to remove some barriers.

"The Boîte always supports me and always stands behind me”

- Dr Sarita Mcharg, First performance with The Boîte - Singers’ Festival 2018, Leader of Sounds of Yarra annual event 2020, 2021

Technical website support during the holiday season for the Artist Memberships & Directory contact Milly from Blue Fairy

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