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Anthea 'Jewels' Sidiropoulos





Guitar, Keys, Bass, Drums, Bouzouki, Sax, Percussion

Region/Geographical Influences:


Greek / Aussie folk blues, soul, rock n roll


Blues / Rhythm / Roots

Greek / folk/ blues / Rhythm / Roots

The brief:

Her life stories in song, with soul stirring renditions of Greek+English Blues Soul and Rock n Roll

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All about the artist/s

Anthea is an award winning international singer-songwriter whose music is a reflection of her life experiences. Through her soul-stirring renditions of blues, soul, and rock n roll, her stories resonate with listeners on a deep level. Anthea 'Jewels' strikes a nostalgic chord singing songs she grew up with from her parents homeland in Greece, to songs she writes from the deepest darkest, lightest and funnier side of life.

Born and raised in Naarm / Melbourne, Anthea grew up surrounded by music that expressed and exposed a voice for human rights through diverse music genres. This early influence can be heard in her music in a unique and captivating way. Her lyrics are raw and honest, drawing from her own struggles and triumphs. She writes about love, loss, and everything in between, painting vivid pictures with her words. Her powerful voice brings these stories to life, conveying a depth of emotion that is both haunting and beautiful.

On stage, Anthea is a force to be reckoned with. Her energy is infectious, and her performances are electrifying. "With her soulful voice that stems from a soulful heart" Anthea's lyrics, and undeniable stage presence, has brought her to work on many Boite events and projects over the years including Costas Tsicaderis's AMRAP, Arnold Zable's The Fig Tree, and her CD launch "Full Circle". Anthea's music continues to have international appeal with performances in Greece, Cyprus, New Orleans, San Francisco as well as throughout Australia.

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