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Reflect Us

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The Boite is happy to announce that the first song of the REFLECT US project is out!

REFLECT US is about creative collaboration between songwriters. It is about writing in languages other than English, and English. It’s about changing the story of Australian music being monolingual and supporting writers who wish to reconnect to their language and culture as well as creating dialogues between cultures. The first song of the project is supported by APRA and is by singer-songwriters Mademoiselle (Hanoi, Vietnam) and Floyd Thursby (Melbourne, Australia). Their new release called ‘Sông’ (meaning ‘River’ in English) is sung both in Vietnamese and English. This co-written duet is delicately beautiful and moving and explores desire and intimacy from different perspectives. It's available now on all streaming platforms, the song was produced by Floyd Thursby and recorded by Marty Brown (Art of Fighting, Clare Bowditch) at Standalone Studios. It is part of an EP entitled ‘Guard Down’ which will be released in time before their joint appearance at the Hay Glamping Music Festival in Hanoi in September 2023. 

We will share more pieces from REFLECT US as they are written. In the meantime, enjoy Sông!

by Mademoiselle and Floyd Thursby
Floyd & Mademoiselle in Hanoi 1.JPG

Pictured: Mademoiselle and Floyd Thursby in Hanoi, Vietnam

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