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Chamber Obscura




Mixed Band

Guitar, Violin, Piano, Double Bass, Accordion

Region/Geographical Influences:


European, Latin American



Tango, Classical, Afro-Cuban, Flamenco

The brief:

Melbourne-based Chamber Obscura play Piazzolla and original tangos, afro-cuban and flamenco works.

Band Members

Max Walker, Sophie Dunn, Suzanne Andrews, Phil Mcleod

All about the artist/s

Melbourne-based ensemble Chamber Obscura is the culmination of years of collective tango passion. Featuring Max Walker (guitar), Sophie Dunn (violin), Suzanne Andrews (piano) and Phil Mcleod (double bass, accordion), Chamber Obscura combine their eclectic experience in world music to bring a fresh approach to traditional and Piazzolla tango works. Chamber Obscura's breadth includes styles such as flamenco and afro-cuban, combining classical skill with virtuosic improvisation. Working as a chamber ensemble these four talented musicians breathe together to interpret and bring new light to classic compositions. Their live performances are vibrant and dynamic.

Artist's Events

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