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Con Kalamaras





Bouzouki , Baglama

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Con Kalamaras is a Melbourne based Rebetiko Musician, he performs in various duos and ensembles.

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Con Kalamaras has many titles – he is a Melbourne-based Rebetiko musician, events producer, and the co-founder and director of Greek Fringe & co-founder/Artistic Director of the Melbourne Rebetiko Festival 2016-2019. He primarily performs Rebeika, commonly known as the Greek Blues, he's toured extensively around Australia, and Greece and also recently performed in Tokyo Japan. He is also the co-founder of the weekly Rebetiko Jams which aims to encourage musicians from all walks of life to learn and explore Rebetika. Con has also toured with international Rebetiko artists in Australia. Con has produced many festivals and events in Melbourne and recorded countless cds in rebetika, and also music for the film. Additionally, he composes contemporary Greek music such as the Erinaki project.

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