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Ernie Gruner





Region/Geographical Influences:


Folk, Klezmer, Gypsy, Celtic, European



The brief:

Australia’s leading klezmer violinist, also plays European, Gypsy, Tango, Sephardic, Celtic, Jazz.

Band Members

Ernie Gruner

All about the artist/s

Ernie is recognised as Australia’s leading klezmer violinist and a significant contributor to the
development of Australia’s world music scene (earning him a profile in Seth Jordan’s 2010 book World
Music: Global Sounds in Australia).
Ernie has co-founded, performed, recorded with and guested in countless bands, theatre and cabaret
groups, at countless major festivals and concert venues. He appeared twice on ABC TV’s musical
quiz program, Spicks and Specks, and has more than 90 recording credits to his name.
His studies in New York, Kracow, Budapest and Montreal have helped him develop a technical
brilliance that gives wings to his love of improvised music, resulting in inspired performances across
many genres including klezmer, jazz, blues, Latin, art music, and folk (Middle Eastern, Balkan, Irish,
bush, gypsy), as well as in cabaret (Jugularity) and theatre.
Renowned for his musical collaborations, on the world music scene, he’s currently with Klezmeritis & Bohemian Nights (E.European, European, jazz, tango), Saray Iluminado (Balkan & Jewish), Bowlines (Improvising strings). He’s been a member of Yalla! (middle-eastern), Dya Singh band (Sikh), Zingara (world/gypsy), Howlin’ Wind (world/rock) and accompanied Zulya Kamalova, Kavisha Mazzella, Bronwyn Calcutt, Ajak Kwai (African),Texicali Rose (mariachi), Brahim Benim (Moroccan), Afandi Siyo (Oromo/East African). As a classical musician, Ernie led the Monash String Quartet for 10 years and was an orchestral violinist.

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So Many Fiddles
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