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Jun Parker





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City Pop

The brief:

Enter a world of #FunkyNostalgia through Jun's bilingual songs inspired by retro Tokyo sound.

Band Members

Jun Parker

All about the artist/s

Enter a world of #FunkyNostalgia through original bilingual songs inspired by retro Tokyo sounds and City Pop. Born in Tokyo but spending more than half of his life in rural and regional Australia, Jun's groove-based melancholic tunes explore the universal themes and stories of love, lust and life in his lyrics through melding of two languages and cultures on his guitar. After a series of radio show and music festival appearances in Japan in the first half of 2022, the Portland-based artist released his first worldwide single ‘Embracement’ in July. Garnering radio airplay across the borders and seas, ‘Embracement’ found its way to radio stations not just in Australia and Japan, but also in Europe, and the Americas. His second single ‘Say Goodbye’ released in October 2022 continued on this success. With well-received music festival appearances in Warrnambool and Mount Gambier under his belt, Jun is ready to take his music further afield.

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