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Kekoson Cuban Sounds





Cuban Tres, Conga & Bongoe Drums, Cowbell, Classical Guitar & Trumpet

Region/Geographical Influences:

Latin American




Traditional Dance Cuban Son

The brief:

Kekoson & The Cuban Sounds brings you a Cuban Fiesta in the heart of Melbourne in Australia

Band Members

Keko, Nikos

All about the artist/s


In 2001, Keko Virán travelled to Cuba to meet Compay
Segundo, Ibrahim Ferrer and Cachaíto López – his idols
from the legendary "Buena Vista Social Club" and embrace
the essence of the country and the people that inspired the rich,
earthy roots of modern salsa music.
The trip inspired the formation of Australia's premier Latin
band, with a nod to the Buena Vista through its strong Cuban
Son foundations. 'The idea was to form a musical group to
research and promote rhythmic Afro-Latin styles and have
lots of fun with it along the way.'
As if channelling the very essence of Cuban street music,
Keko fronts this energetic and talented musician's group.
Kekoson's members have toured Australia and abroad and
have performed with World's best.

Acclaimed as Australia's most authentic and awarded Cuban
Son Music exponents. Theirs is the only traditional Cuban Son
band recognised by a Cuban Ambassador in Australia.
'I like how playing this music makes me feel, but more
importantly, I like how it makes other people feel.' Keko says
with a smile. 'I love to see everyone dancing and enjoying
themselves just as people used to a century ago in Cuba.'

Cuban Son masters: Kekoson & The Cuban Sounds brings
you a Cuban Fiesta in the heart of Melbourne in Australia;
their music sets any dance floor on fire and gives the punters
a memorable musical occasion to remember.

Cd Available upon request

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