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Melbourne Tango Orchestra





Strings, bandoneon, piano, clarinet.

Region/Geographical Influences:

Latin American




The brief:

Australia-based Tango Orchestra.

Band Members

Stephen Cuttriss, Andrew James, Paloma Bica, Amy Lynch, Chris Gelok, Jose Argañaras, Michael Danne, Nadia Burrows, Rose Kavanagh, Andrew Maddick

All about the artist/s

Australia-based Melbourne Tango Orchestra are one of the only traditional tango orchestras regularly performing outside of Buenos Aires.

From the heart of one of the world’s great live music capitals, Melbourne Tango Orchestra have sold out shows across Melbourne and South Eastern Australia. The group’s roots are from the birthplace of tango with members born and raised in Argentina and Uruguay. Members specialise in tango music and have studied and performed in Buenos Aires and the USA with luminaries Ramiro Gallo, Hernan Possetti and Ignacio Varchausky.

They specialise in Golden-age and contemporary tango, having been launched into the 21st century by its new acoustic tango movement. Members have completed academic research and writing in Buenos Aires on tango history and contemporary practice. Melbourne Tango Orchestra regularly collaborate with local professional dancers and vocalists, expanding their horizons and scope for the future of tango.

Artist's Events

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MTO at the Brunswick Ballroom
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