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Pratik Saurav




Mixed Band

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North Indian

Indian Fusion

The brief:

A Data & Analytics Leader by the week and a musician by the weekend.

Band Members

Pratik Saurav

All about the artist/s

A Data & Analytics Leader by the week and a musician by the weekend. Pratik's passion for music and performing arts dates back to his childhood. His music brings diversity, storytelling, and the craft from the beautiful cultures of the Indian subcontinent. He thrives on what he calls, 'Fusion music'. This technique enables him to bring together multiple languages, genres, and cultures. He primarily focuses on light Indian classical, Sufi, and classic Bollywood music with hints of pop, jazz, and blues. He loves bringing art to his work and his work to his art thus constantly learns and experiments with genres and music forms. Loves listening to artists like BB King, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, The Passenger, and Elvis to add an alternate touch to his music.

"In this era of TikTok, reels and autotuning for digital reach and commercialization, the real art is suffering. I'd gladly take up the responsibility of playing and covering original music from the 90s and 2000s."

Making his musical comeback after almost a decade on 21st Aug, he is thrilled to share his music and his stories. His set is expected to have flavors of classic Bollywood and Sufi music remastered in his style. His original composition, back from the days in a Bollywood blues style is also expected to make way! He loves spreading smiles and surprises among his audience. Who knows, there might be a new composition or a special collab in the works?

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