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accordion, frame drums, guitar, whistles, castanets

Region/Geographical Influences:






The brief:

Southern Italian and Mediterranean traditional music with a new flavour.

Band Members

Rosa Voto; Renato Vacirca; Phil Carroll

All about the artist/s

Sanacori is a versatile and vibrant music ensemble reinterpreting traditional songs from Italy and the Mediterranean (Albania, Greece, Spain).

Tastefully combining traditional and contemporary elements to their performances with soulful singing and storytelling.

Songs of love and longing, resistance and rebellion, with passion and cheekiness, elemental traits of Italian attitude and culture.

The majority of these songs were passed on to Rosa, the band's founder, and vocalist, by her ancestors and elders during her childhood and during her research as an adult.
Growing up as a child of the diaspora, in between three culturally and socio-politically diverse regions of Italy (Puglia, Calabria, Toscana), Rosa found in the traditional songs a safety net. From a very young age, she was able to see in folk songs and storytelling a common thread that unified her scattered roots and the experience, the condition, of simply being human.

The element of storytelling is fundamental to Sanacori's performances.
Carefully picked songs will weave into rich conversations that will span from politics and history to the origins of myths, rituals, and beliefs that still survive.

Sanacori was born with the intent to accompany the work of the Melbourne School of Tarantella, the first dance school in Australia dedicated to Southern Italian traditional and ritualistic dances, and so, it's no surprise when the music explodes into ancient and infectious rhythms that are hard to resist!

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