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- Learning Through Song -

LeT.S (Learning Through Song) is a library of teacher's resources full of educational activities based on songs from different cultures, mapped to the Victorian curriculum. Find activities for years 1 through to 8 ranging across curriculum areas including but not limited to the Humanities, Art, IT, English and, of course, Music.

The following lesson plans have been developed as a pilot for LeT.S - Learning Through Song. We are seeking teachers who are willing to test the lesson plans in their classrooms and provide us feedback on the experience. Choose a suitable lesson plan from the list below (organised by song, year level and subject), provide your email address and you will receive the lesson plan in your inbox.

These teaching resource documents contain information about the song including the story; video link and a biography from the author/artist.


Teachers for all years and subjects will use this information at the beginning of their lessons, by showing students the video, the story of the song, learning the lyrics/actions, discuss about the author’s biography, and then move to the individual lesson plan for the desired curriculum area, which is divided by years and strands.

The songs in this series have been mapped to different areas of the Victorian curriculum for different ages.

All the lesson plans that are downloadable below have been created by mapping the Victorian curriculum to the following five songs.

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"Rumble in the Jungle" with Andy and Valanga Khoza
Rumble in the Jungle.jpeg

Story Telling


Rumble in the Jungle is a song about a Rain Queen, who lives in South Africa in Limpopo (the
northern part of the country). She is the queen of the Lobedu people. The Lobedu people do not
have a King. There is only a Queen. This is called a Matriarchy.
When Queen Modjadji is sad, the rain doesn’t come, but when she is happy, the rain will come in

Biography of the Artist

Valanga Khoza was born in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. He grew up in a
traditional setting surrounded by lively singing, drumming and dancing. The Limpopo area
is rich in traditional healers, orators and storytellers, highly respected throughout Africa.
These were his neighbours.

Author’s message

(Extracted from a conversation with the author, Valanga Khoza)
“Rumble in the Jungle is a song inspired by the Rain Queen Modjadji, who actually exists
in real life and lives in Limpopo, a region of South Africa in the Queendom of Lobedu. I
wrote this song to celebrate and honour traditions and respect connections with family.
This Queendom is an example of a community who solve their problems in a peaceful way
and are always community oriented. My message is to honour our traditions, respect our
elders; respect goes both ways”. - Valanga Khoza

Banner Sampling-08.png
“Lo unico que tengo” by Victor Jara
Lo Unico que Tengo.jpg

Biography of the Author


Victor Jara developed Chilean theatre by directing a broad array of works, ranging from

locally produced plays to world classics. He also played a pivotal role among neo-
folkloric musicians who established the “Nueva Cancion Chilena” (New Chilean Song)

movement. This led to a growth of new sounds in popular music during the administration
of President Salvador Allende. More information is available in the lesson plan.

About the Teacher

In this lesson plan, the song is performed by Melbourne based, Chilean singer-songwriter
Vanessa Estrada. Vanessa is a music teacher who has worked in the Education sector for more than 12 years in different educational institutions such public, private, vulnerable, and Culturally
and language diverse settings (CALD). Additionally, she is a full time musician, working in her own music projects.

Author’s message

(Extracted from album “La población” )

We dedicate this album to all the inhabitants of our country, to their battles
and victories, their pains and their joys. To the men and women who sacrificed their lives
so that their children would have a place to live. To all who now have their new home.
To our youth, whose noise has always been at the side of the dispossessed.

Banner Sampling-08.png
“Mabata Wadogo” with Stella Savy
Mabata Wadogo.jpg

Story Telling


Mabata Wadogo is a traditional nursery rhyme from Uganda, sang in a language called Swahili. Swahili is the official language in Tanzania and Kenya and is also widely spoken in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Comoros Islands. It's also spoken by smaller numbers in Burundi, Rwanda, Northern Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.

Biography of the Artist


Stella Savy has been a musician and teacher for over 20 years. She has taught all age
groups and abilities in schools and education all over Australia. She is an engaging story
teller and teacher. Her original music is influenced by her Seychelle Island heritage- the
sounds of the islands fused with reggae and ska guitar rhythms.

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