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Bruce Watson with Hugh Belfrage at Lomond Acoustica

Bruce Watson

Ticket Price ($)


Event Date

Tuesday, 20 June 2023

Event Time

10:00 am

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Lomond Hotel, 225 Nicholson Street, East Brunswick (Vic)

Why should you get excited?

Bruce, accompanied by the Hugh Belfrage's beautiful cello, will present his evocative, engaging musi

Music Genre:


Type of Performance:

Live Concert



About the Event

Bruce's performances are joyful and thoroughly engaging, with witty lyrics and energetic presentation. He is a masterful craftsman of songs, be they evocative and heart wrenching, or side-splittingly funny. The Lomond is a Melbourne folk music institution. Bruce will be accompanied by the Hugh Belfrage's beautiful cello playing in this intimate acoustic venue. And the food and wine list are great, too. Kitchen open from 6pm

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