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Flight with Israel Aloni

Saray Iluminado

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Event Date

Friday, 18 November 2022

Event Time


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31 Sturt St, Southbank VIC 3006, Australia

Why should you get excited?

SARAY Iluminado reimagines Bosnian Sevdah and Sephardic Jewish music

Music Genre:


Jewish Sephardic and Bosnian Sevdah

Type of Performance:

Live Concert


Mixed Band

voices, oud, lauto, clarnet, ney, violin, mandolin, bass

About the Event

SARAY Iluminado is a five piece ensemble that reimagines Bosnian Sevdah and Sephardic Jewish music in contemporary Australia. It was formed in 2013 by Bosnian-Australian vocalist/composer Nela Trifkovic and Australia's leading Jewish music specialist Ernie Gruner (violin/mandolin). Other musicians are Irine Vela (oud, lauto), Dan Witton (double bass), Kelly Dowall (ney, clarinet). All musicians sing and use percussion.
Special guest dancer is Israel Aloni (Sweden), who has performed with the group in the past.
The group specialises in intimate and immersive performances that straddle borders of music and story telling.
In collaboration with vocalist, composer Nela Trifkovic and the ensemble SARAY Iluminado, Israel physically and gesturally interrogates their own Sephardic, Mediterranean heritage and the role of its symbols and rituals in their own life and creative expression, and does this drawing on a number of contemporary and movement influences.

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