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QiQi Music

Ticket Price ($)


Event Date

Friday, 17 May 2024

Event Time

7:45 am

Link to band or musician page:


75JQ+5G, 25 Sandhurst Town Rd, Myers Flat VIC 3556, Australia

Why should you get excited?

QiQi will be performing in celebration of peace and harmony!

Music Genre:



Type of Performance:

Live Concert

Celebration of World Peace




About the Event

ILLUMIN8 celebrates peace and harmony inspired by Buddha’s life. It commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death of Buddha according to the Tibetan festival of Saga Dawa. It is a family friendly event with light installations, cultural performances, food stalls and family entertainment.
Immerse yourself in all the experiences the festival has to offer. Wander the Peace Park and interact with different light sculptures, be amazed by the performers, take a selfie with the Stupa, enjoy delicious vegetarian and vegan food, join in on Buddhist ceremonies and purge your negative emotions in Burning the Bad.

End the night by enjoying one of the most spectacular fireworks shows on display.

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