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Kosmostan at MRC Salon

Zulya and The Children of the Underground

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Event Date

Friday, 11 November 2022

Event Time

8:00 pm

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31 Sturt St, Southbank VIC 3006, Australia

Why should you get excited?

Zulya and The Children f the Underground will perform an acoustic adaptation of the original works

Music Genre:


Type of Performance:

Live Concert



About the Event

Zulya Kamalova is an ARIA Award-winning singer whose work explores her Tatar, Russian and Australian identity. At times she lights a fire beneath distant memories, at others she opens eyes to intricate new worlds. Her poignant storytelling and genre-bending sound has captivated audiences both at home and abroad.

Their performance in Primrose Potter Salon presents the Australian premiere of Komostan, a project created in collaboration with Dutch producer OMFO in 2015. Together with the inimitable Children of the Underground, Zulya will perform an acoustic adaptation of the original works.

The piece follows the legend of Tataeli, the daughter of Aelita, queen of Mars and the first Tatar space explorer Ilgizar Zinnatullin, taking listeners on an otherworldly journey from the Tatar villages, through 70-s Tatar pop into deep Tatar space. Kosmostan’s epic and modal elements produce an elegant and romantic stream of music, shifting pentatonic paradigms toward new horizons and creating an imaginary system of parallel worlds.

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