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El Funston interviews Queen of Hearts, an all-female Mariachi inspired band

They are dominating the Melbourne music scene right now and are playing The Night Cat this Thursday!

Picture by Felipe Paz at The Gasometer

In preparation for the Polyfonix gig at the Night Cat on Thursday the 17th of November, The Boite reached out to Queen of Hearts Mariachi, a Melbourne based, all-woman, mariachi inspired band, to get to know the performers and find out what makes them tick.

Here is what they had to say:

What has been your favourite gig this year? to perform at or watch?

They have all been wonderful gigs. Two highlights: One was travelling on our private jet to the outback in Queensland. We were surrounded by inspiring women from all over Australia. We all came together for a women’s festival to support women’s careers in many different capacities. The second one was the debut of our first Vinyl in June 2022 at the Gasometer in Collinwood. We had really amazing dresses by our friend Neisha Smiths, we got some crowns as well to wear on our heads, it was a beautiful experience.

Do you have any favourite memories from the night cat?

When we finally came out of the 2020 lockdown to perform to a sold-out crowd in December 2020- it is our favourite Night Cat memory.

How does your gender affect your relationship with mariachi?

Our gender affects the relationship with Mariachi as this tradition has been male-dominated for many decades. Therefore, criticism emerges, mostly from men. We have also received a great amount of support from those celebrating women in music and in leadership roles. Our all-female presence is a protest and an educative statement - to those women who feel marginalised in male-dominated industries.

What is the best part about working amongst all women?

There is a sense of equality in working together. There is more space to be heard. There is a space where inhibitions are not necessary and creativity is celebrated in its most raw form. There is a unanimous feeling of support and respect for each other

What artists or ensembles inspire you?

This band got inspiration from FLOR DE TOLOACHE. They are an inspired female mariachi in New York. We asked ourselves...if they can do a female mariachi in NY, why we cannot do it in Australia? and here we are!

Queen of Hearts are performing along with Public Opinion Afro Orchestra and DJ Dr. Popalotacorn on Thursday the 17th of November at the Night Cat presented by 3ZZZ and The Boite as part of the On The Road Again initiative by the Victorian government.

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