Sonidos Flamencos

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Amadou Suso at The Boite Music Cafe

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The Boite Schools Chorus - Haven

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Sonidos Flamencos

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About The Boite

We are Victoria’s iconic multicultural music organisation known as The Boîte. Founded in 1979, we support artists from diverse cultural communities through the dynamic presentation of unique cultural experiences, nurturing creativity, collaboration, access to and active participation in the arts.


Through our prolific program of festivals, events, radio programs and music releases we have presented and promoted hundreds of excellent musicians born in over 100 different countries at over 5,000 events before audiences exceeding 800,000 and just as diverse.

What We Do

Active Participation

Our events facilitate this by actively bringing communities together in safe spaces where we can enjoy the differences through song and dance.

Building Bridges

The Boîte facilitates creative spaces for artists to build audiences and to promote awareness, inclusion and respect. 

Engaged Audience

The Boîte uses singing as a key tool for active participation in the arts. 

Next Generation

We offer opportunities to educate children and youth to engage with diversity, develop respect and experience the benefits of music. The Boîte Schools Chorus involves dozens of schools and hundreds of students from across the state. LeTs is a library of teacher's resources full of educational activities based on songs from different cultures, mapped to the Victorian curriculum. Our regular concerts are open to all ages accessing traditional songs and new compositions, right here in the artistic melting pot of Melbourne.