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Boîte Schools Chorus 2023
Maiem: Songs from The Torres Straits


The Boite Schools Chorus returns in 2023 with Maiem: Songs from The Torres Straits.

The Boite Schools Chorus will be back singing in 2023 with a wonderful new program. Your school could be part of this spectacular massed choir event.

Working again with Stella Savy and in collaboration with Meriam educator and musician Deb Lowah Clark and Meriam cultural advisor, musician and thespian Luke Captain, The Boite will offer school communities across Victoria an exciting opportunity to learn about Zenadth Kes - the Torres Strait Islands. 

Immersed in the songs and stories of the Torres Strait Islands, The Boite Schools Chorus ‘Maiem’ offers an opportunity for students to listen, learn, experience and perform songs that share the richness and diversity of the Torres Strait Islands peoples.

Students will discover the purpose of songs, movements that connect to that purpose,and the importance of communicating storying and intentions during the production, rehearsals and performances. 

The Torres Strait Islands are regularly mentioned when referencing Australia’s First peoples.  But few of us know anything about these glorious islands.

Maiem: Songs from The Torres Straits will give us an insight into who the Torres Strait Islander people are and their unique culture and history.

Maiem on SBS World News!

Meet the Directors

Deb Clark


Artistic Director

Deb Lowah Clark is a proud Meriam woman of the Torres Strait Islands. Born on Wadawurrung land, Deborah expresses the social justice issues of the Australian landscape  through her music, in particular, giving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language and culture a space to be seen and heard. Deb Lowah Clark is an educator of more than 27 years. Deb completed a Masters in Educational Leadership with a specialization in Indigenous Leadership and works passionately to create educational success for Aboriginal and /or Torres Strait Islander children, students and their families. In addition to educational leadership Deb is a singer-songwriter. Deb’s music and sounds envelop the audience in smooth tones that embrace an indie rock, soul, gospel and Indigenous RnB style. Her original songs express a journey of life experience, while her covers retell the stories from the past and from the place she stands now, giving audiences a unique view of life from Deb’s perspective, living down south away from the Torres Straits.

Luke Captain

pic 4.jpg

Artistic Director

Luke Captain is a Melbourne based Meriam Le from Murray Island in the Eastern Group of the Torres Strait Islands. A thirst for education led him to study music where he learnt the power of performing arts. He is a cultural advisor, singer, song writer, filmmaker and actor. Luke has acted as director and producer for projects such as Queensland Voices of the Light Chorale, ‘Taba Naba an Island Odyssey’ at Brisbane PowerHouse and Brisbane’s Mabo Day Celebrations in 2012. Luke has also worked with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra chorus as Director of the Ailan Kores Choir and has played “The Evangelist” in Bach’s St John's Passion. In 2021 Luke worked with indigenous playwright Maryann Sam’s Coconut Woman as cultural advisor and actor. He is also community advisor for the upcoming musical ‘Straigth from the Straits’ to be premiered at Brisbane Festival 2023. Luke is a strong advocate for Torres Strait inclusion and passionate about Indigenous arts.

Stella Savy

stella savvy.webp

Choir Director

Stella has been a vocal coach for over 20 years, conducting groups such as Sweet Mona’s Choir, the Mini Mona’s Choir and Thursday Night Community Choir. Stella has worked with The Boite on many choir projects over the last 10 years, Freedom Road, Mai Fali Eh, Coco de Mer, Windrush and Haven. Stella has worked with choirs and groups all around the world and has an energetic and fun approach to facilitating her sessions. Stella also performs regularly in her bands, playing percussion, singing and guitar. Stella and her husband Mishael Gyabeng conduct cultural tours to the Seychelles and Ghana every year, giving visitors a personal, musical and educational holiday experience.

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