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Anthony Schulz



also small to medium ensembles



Piano Accordion

Region/Geographical Influences:




Chamber/Contemporary Classical/Russian/Tartar/Tango/Jazz/Improvised

The brief:

Anthony Schulz: Piano Accordion - Improviser - Performer - Composer

Band Members

Anthony Schulz

All about the artist/s

An individual voice in Australian improvised music, Anthony Schulz has developed a sound world that strives to dispel preconceptions of the piano accordion. It is through a lens of seemingly disparate musical forms that Anthony continues to focus his ongoing exploration of the accordion as an instrument capable of great nuance and complexity. Projects including the Aria award winning world music ensemble Zulya and the Children of the Underground, The Bach Project (accordion & cello), contemporary classical and original compositions with Andrea Keeble (violin & accordion) and Ball Hanlon Schulz (d.bass, trumpet, accordion) all form part of the rich tapestry that is Anthony’s sound world.

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