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Educational Resources

Music helps us individually and collectively with health benefits across all ages. Below are our educational projects where you can participate and learn through music whilst having fun and being a part of a wonderful community. For both the young and young at heart, why not enjoy and participate in the associated health benefits too!

Our full range of learning and educational resources for teachers and students is coming soon. Please register your interest using the form below and we will make sure you know when they're ready.

Music can help learn a language, boost your confidence and memory, build task endurance, lighten your mood, reduce anxiety and depression and stave off fatigue. Researches think one of the most important functions of music is to create a feeling of cohesion or social connectedness. Read more here or join one of our activities below.

Children Education

Activities for Children

Boîte School's Chorus

This Chorus is an un-auditioned choir project for schools and community youth choirs. Since 2004 the Boîte Schools Chorus has involved over 9000 students from across Victoria in 42 concerts in Melbourne, Frankston, Ballarat, Bairnsdale & Albury. The Boite Schools Chorus project invites students into a new world through song, builds confidence, broadens horizons and develops valuable performance and interpersonal skills.

Adult's Activities

Activities for Adults

Sonidos Del Alma

Our Spanish language choir under the direction of Colombian singer-songwriter Iaki Vallejo. Iaki will also teach skills like holding your own part in a harmony. The choir is open to all comers; experience not required.

Melbourne Georgian Choir

The Melbourne Georgian Choir, an Australian mixed voice choir established in 2010, is directed by Krzysztof Derwinski. Between 2010 and 2019 it was directed by celebrated ethnomusicologists Dr Joseph Jordania and Dr Nino Tsitsishvili. 

Boîte Singers’ Festival

Boîte Singers’ Festival is a must for singers of all skill levels keen to immerse themselves in a weekend of music.


Vocal inspiration and sheer fun each year since 1991. 30+ workshops and concerts, mixing music from all over the world, improvisation, songwriting, conducting, technique and more. Featuring some phenomenal singers, songwriters and choir leaders, the festival is for choirs, singers, teachers and facilitators of all levels and styles.​

Freedom Road Bendigo

Be part of this un-auditioned choir of over 150 singers working with a fabulous cohort of artists towards staging a concert. Discover gospel music’s rich beginnings in Africa and its journey from plantation work songs, to church and onto the Civil Rights movement. Freedom Road will dive deep into this genre and celebrate its profound influence on modern day music, culture and politics.

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